Betty Cau, Girosola,  Artista Multidisciplinar

If I had to describe myself in four words I would probably say that I am an independent artist, self taught, self supported and always under construction.

I was born in Turín, Italy, in the middle of the 70s. Since early in my life I was drawing and painting, or opening radios to see who was talking inside that box, and over the last 20 years my work has developed in the world of performing arts, alternating performances, design and construction of different scenic elements and personal works.

Commissions are a way for me, to improve my skills ans develop a personal style of work as well as a way to finance personal projects and new ideas.

I get inspired by new challenges and not-ordinary projects, I love team work, but I also enjoy to work by myself.

Over the time I developed my own projects aside as private commitments, welcome to this site to see my work!​


Girosola, Betty Cau, Atelier

Since 2008 the Atelier has changed and modified according to different needs and projects. But what it has never changed is the spirit of it. The spirit of an experimental and creative space. And it has a very important place in my life and in my artistic path.

I work and combine different materials, wood and metal my favourites, but some ideas come from unexpected sources, so I keep my eyes open and use a lot of stuff which I also find in the streets.

I'm a cofounder of the "Espacio Bolivianow", a shared creation space for performing arts and eclectics expressions.





Co-founder of the Circus/Street Theater company "Circo Wagabundo" together with Dominik Srzednicky and Daniel Miček. The Show "Nowhere Street" travelled around Europe at many festivals and events.

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Speedy! Betty Cau, Girosola

Building Speedy's interior